The Stewardship Project seeks to help relieve Pastors of seminary debt medical expenses and establish an online executive education program for the instruction of fiscal literacy, organizational/financial administration and self-care. This program also advances the current thinking and practice of stewardship.

The Stewardship Project (TSP) consists of two primary initiatives to support AME Pastors over the next three years.

Ministerial Excellence Fund

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The Ministerial Excellence Fund (MEF) is a matching grant for active pastors to reduce seminary debt or medical expenses.

Through the MEF, all active pastors may apply for these awards.

Executive Educational Program

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An Executive Education Program for pastors in the areas of Positive Living, Biblical Stewardship, and Leadership, Visioning and Money. The DRS will employ the latest in research and technology employing Micro-learning within a virtual experience platform.


To reimagine the management of God’s resources (Stewardship) in the AME Church for the purpose of sustaining healthy and thriving ministries.


To nurture and encourage our faith communities in learning and creating effective, holistic, management of God’s resources.


Redefining Stewardship as the management of God’s resources.

Data Driven

This is a data driven, research based, learning opportunity for the entire denomination.


Our research revealed primary economic challenges facing pastors and local churches.



To help local church pastors develop strategic approaches to ameliorate issues of immediate fiscal crisis;


To develop sound approaches to strengthen denominational ministries;


To provide a holistic approach to support pastors, church leadership and laity education;

To identify resources to reduce seminary education indebtedness; medical expenses

To establish a formal stewardship program.